Useful information.

By law, the vendors of the property pay for independant reports to check for:termites, capricorns,(wood eating insects) and abestos.

In older houses it's not uncommon to find traces of insects in the woodwork but this is usually nothing to worry about.It may just be that insects were in the wood at the time the tree was cut down, which could be hundreds of years ago.

Asbestos is checked so that you are simply aware of it's presence and can arrange for it to be deposed of safely.

What is a fosse septique?

A true fosse septique works to process waste water through a control system.There have been a variety of approved and non approved systems and you may have heard of a "fosse septique" or fosse tanche" or "fosse toutes eaux" which have to be empted periodically.

Avoid strong cleaning products like bleach and biological washing powders as they kill off the bugs which affect the workings of the fosse.By adding packs of products down a fosse, the microbes in it will work much more efficiently.

Should you wish to install a new fosse, you are required to ask at your local mairie.


It's not unusual to see sky through a traditional roman tiled roof in the Charente, this does not mean it's not sound.Newer roofing can de felted with flat, valley tiles which block out the light and are ideal if you plan to convert directly beneath.

To change the use of a building

If you wish to change the use of a building, for example a barn into a gite, or wish to build on a piece of land, you will require a CU.This can be added to your Compromis de Vente as a suspensive clause giving outline planning permission until final.This is not usually refused provided that your plans are in keeping with the local architecture.(official architects drawings are needed on spaces larger than 170m2.)